Get Paid To Answer Questions

Get paid to answer questions is a new way of making money online

on the internet by working at home. Everyone is expert about something so why not give advice and share your knowledge about the subject you know best and earn money.

Have you ever wonder why companies are interested in your advice and your knowledge? It's because these companies have forums with alot of questions asked by their members and waiting to be answer. Since they are very busy and needed to response every questions as quickly as possible so they are willing to pay anyone who can give their requirements.

Another reasons why these companies pay you is because they want to build a good reputation for their company's name by having expert in different arenas answering all the questions from potential customers.

Get paid to answer questions is the golden opportunities to make money for someone who have deep knowledge in their field. The tips for earning more money in this job is to pick on other area that you like as well. The amount of money that companies pay you will depend on many factors such as your field or subject that you are interested in, your knowledge potential etc. Some area for example mathematics required someone who have high degree and knowledge to answer specific questions because not everyone can answer hard and complex mathematic questions.

Step For Joining Get Paid To Answer Questions Websites.

Firstly, Go over the internet and search for websites that pay you for your knowledge and advice.

Secondly, Submit your applications to all the websites that have the area matched with your knowledge. Like I said before that you should join more than one websites to increase your earning potential. Your will not make much money from only one source.

Thirdly, You must write your expert profiles clear and thorough because this is very important for your approval. Write profile that make reader think that you are a good and reliable source of informations.

Finally, When you have already participated in get paid to answer programs. You must first build good reputation in the websites by giving out free advice and knowledge to your customers.

Lists of Get Paid To Answer Questions Websites


ExpertBee - get paid $0.6 + 20% of fee for answering informations questions, for service provider you earn one time fee of $7.95 at the time your answer was choosen as the best one.


Knowbrainers - customer payments for General Knowledge, Sports, and Pop Culture questions are between $3-$10. Pet questions $10-$25. And Human Health questions $25-$60.


Studentquestions - After a student chooses your answer, he or she will pay you through via PayPal. A small percentage of it will go to us as commission. Make sure the answers are complete and thorough.


Iwantyouranswers - Payments are made by cheque from google , you can check your balance on the google adsense web site and see how well your answers are doing.


Smallbizadvice - This site will credit your account or make payments if the Client requests it and their account balance is equal to or greater than $25. This also applies to payments made through the PayPal service. All amounts are stated in and all payments will be made in US funds.


Problima - You pick categories based on your expertise.You get paid a fixed fee of $1 every time a user accepts your answer.


Duno - Get paid to answer questions and be involved in discussions. The better discussions you create and participate in, the more everyone on duno earns. Minimum to reach payout is $5.


Helium - Where knowledge rules. You get paid for writing good articles and sharing rich quality content, different points of view and expert insight. You can shares your knowledge on many different things and topics such as politics, parenting advice, pop culture, the environment etc.


Justanswer - There are two types of payments. First one is answering Prepaid questions and the second one is you get paid after your answer has been choosen.


Chacha - You can get paid by becoming chacha guide and answer questions. This website is base on mobile service and focus on customers who used mobile phone so most of the questions here will be like "How can I find the nearest and cheapest gas station from here?". There are many questions category available for you to answer such as weather climate, stocks, places and paths, jokes etc.


Ansmart paid you once the asker picked your answer as the best one.

There are also level system in Ansmart which means that high level experts are proven to be able to give high quality and satisfactory answers to the questions.

Asker have no way to get back their money once they have readed experts works so you don't have to worry about any cheating issue in AnsMart. The asker must give a fair rating to every expert in the end.


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