Get Paid To Travel

Get paid to travel is a dream job for one who have free spirit and love journey to many different places but it's usually misconcept by many peoples. You can really get paid to travel the world but not for free and you will have to work for it. There are many popular job that earn income and make a living overseas like being english teacher, tour guide, adventure tour leading, travel writing etc.

English Teacher

Working as an english teacher you can travel the world to many places especially the newly developed country. Nowaday english is used as an international language and become second language for many countries. The requirements for this job is good english knowledge. You can greatly increase your creditibility if you are from country like United State of America or United Kingdom because these two country are the origin of english language and greatly respected by peoples of foreign countries.

Tour Guide

If you love travelling the world, guiding peoples, seeing the history of many countries then this job is certainly the right job for you. Tour guides help traveller to understand way of life and culture of the region. Tour guides is loved by many foreign countries because they help foreign countries promote their nature heritage and culture while making travellers aware about the importance and vulnerability.

Time of each tours can be as little as 20-30 minutes or extended to over many days which depended on the importance of that place, history and culture. A tour guide travel along with tourists to many different locations like museum, local shopping places, around a town etc. while commenting and giving knowledge to travellers along the way.

The most important requirements for working as a tour guide is knowledge of locations and language. You have to be able to speak different languages because tourists come from many countries and you will have to talk to local peoples also during the tour.

Adventure Tour Leading

This is one of the best paid to travel work which has became very popular during the last ten years up until now. If you have travel experience and love to spend most of your time on adventure then this is the job for you. Nowaday peoples get bored of going to the beach on their holidays so they choose to join the adventure activities while travelling to many different places like climbing mountains, walking along the great china wall, have a ride on the back of camel in sahara desert etc.

You can safe alot of money by being a tour leader because all the payments are already charged from your customers. Although your income in this industry is quiet low but you gain freedom and excellent experience in return.

Travel Writing

Nowaday there are many location guide books and travel magazines available on the markets. It's a great way to make money by writing your thoughts and comments about places that you have seen or visited. Eventhough writing and selling your articles to these magazines won't make you much money but you get your name written in that articles which increase your credibility and can be used as reference.