Get Paid To Read

Paid to read (PTR) email is very popular on the internet

and because of it popularity there are over thousands of websites that will pay you to read email but you must know one thing that nearly 90% of these websites are scam. If you decided to participate in this industry then you must choose your PTR sites that you want to join carefully. Internet and forums are the best place to find more informations about these scam sites.

Here is a few tips to help you find the best PTR sites that really pay you.

Choose PTR sites that sell advertisements and pay some of their profits to their members. Their program detail and privacy policy have to be written clearly. Make sure that they don't sell your personal informations and email address to other companies. Look for their low minimum payout limit below $10 dollar eventhough there are some PTC sites that have high minimum payout but most of them are SCAM so you should look for the one that have minimum payout of $5 and below.

The next things that you must find out before joining the paid to read programs is the price for advertising. If the advertising price is very low then they will not make enough money to pay their members eventhough the program make money from other source but their primary income are from advertisements.

Paid to read scam sites have made PTR industry gain a bad reputation so you must make sure that you avoid these scam sites because you won't be getting anything for your time and hardwork.