Get Paid To Play Games

Get paid to play games is a dream job for many gamers. Some of them love playing games so much that they even planning to work for the top video game company in the future. Is this kind of job really exist? the answer is yes but however their are some requirements that you must have before they hire you.

First requirement is experience, If you want to get hire by top video game company then you must have experience and proof of your previous work to show them first. In case you don't have any experience then you will have to start by working for small video game companies to build up your experience and write resume reference along with the process to help you get hire by large company in the future. Your resume can be anything for example writing game review article and comment, testing for error and debug, year of working for companies etc.

Second requirement is age over 18, In today world there are many expert games who still have age under 18. Many video game companies will not hire anyone who have age under 18 because they are too young to be working, illegal against labor laws in some countrys and company have to pay tax. They made these restrictions to filter out the mid-age because there is a high chance that these kids didn't complete their high-level course which is the standard minimum requirements for working in video game industry.

Third requirement is your education level, although you can play games very well but most of the companies required someone who can analyze storyline, have good knowledge in grammar and english language, able to discuss and work as teamwork etc. so writing skills is the most important factor and normally required completion of high level course. For designer the requirement id different than game tester. You will need to have to complete college in programming and design. games design field is very competitive so you will need to have high grade in programming and design course to be able to work in this position.