Get Paid To Drive

Get paid to drive programs is not a scam job. It is a legitimate business and here are many companies that offer these kind of opportunity and this very popular job in the United State of America and Canada. There are many peoples who participated in these programs and earn extra income.

Why do they paid you to drive?

You might have seen cars with advertisements driving around before and that is the concept. You drive your own car or free car provided by the companies. The car that were used in the programs will be placed with advertisements. All you have to do is drive this car around the city and get paid for your work.

The "get paid to drive" programs is just another type of advertising media and operated by advertising companies. When client paid the company to advertise their products and/or services. Advertising companies will search for someone who agree to placed client ads on their car and give a part of the advertising money to them.

Most of the ads are not ugly and bended nicely with the car. The ads can be completely wraps around the car, partial part or window only. These ads can be easily removed without harming or leaving scar at all.

Not everyone can participated in get paid to drive program and get qualified. There are many factor for your qualification for example if you live in heavy populated city (metro areas) or drive in high traffic streets then you will have a high chance of being qualify by advertising companies. Usually the programs requirement is to drive above thousand miles per month.