Get Paid To Surf

get paid to surf

Get paid to surf is a very popular business model during the dot com crash period in the late 1990.

Get paid to surf model works by placing advertises on the members computer screen and pay them from the earning charge from advertiser.

Paid to surf company will have a small program written for the purpose of delivering banner ads to the members which commonly called viewbar. All the members who participated with the company have to install this program to be able to show advertiser ads while browsing the web.

Viewbar have the ability to tracked the contents on the websites that the user visited and deliver relevant ads from their advertisers. The cost of putting ads on the get paid to surf company is typically about $0.5 per hour of surfing.

Members are usually limited by the amount of time per month typically 15-20 hours for which they would get paid to surf.

Members can generate more earning by referring new members to join to get paid to surf company which is typically $0.05 - $0.1 per person. It is because of this referral system that encourage members to spam in many difference places to get as many referral as they can which is officially forbidden by most of the get paid to surf company user's agreement.

One of the first popular and well known get paid to surf company is AllAdvantage. They first launch their website in March 1999 with $175 million in venture capital, earned over $30 million in advertising sales, distributed over $100 million to its members and has participating members of over 13 million in only a year period from their referral system which is identical to multi-level marketing system (MLM) or some called it pyramid scheme model. The other reasons for their popularity is their scheme that say "anyone could make money on the internet without much effort".

Due to AllAdvantage success there are many new get paid to surf company being born such as agloco, clickdough, desktopdollars, cashsurfers but only a few of them can survive and one of them is CashFiesta but nowaday many peoples claim that this website no longer pay their members anymore. Many companies start to disappeared after the dot com crash period because there are short of revenue which come from advertising.

After one year and a half in business, AllAdvantage ceased their operations and shut down their company paying over $160 millions to their members. Members of the smaller get paid to surf company never get their earning. From this event, websites such as GPTBoycott are created to help out those members from being scam.