Get Paid To Websites

Get Paid To Websites (GPT) is a site that actually pays their members to do certain works or tasks either online or offline. Most of these websites are in business by receiving money from their avertisers and share percentage of their earning with their members who helps them generated more money into their networks. In order to participate with these get paid to websites you will have to signup with them first.

Payment Methods

Most of the get paid to websites usually give out their payments through highly trusted payment processor sites such as PayPal, MoneyBookers, AlertPay or Egold and some of them paid their members by other methods such as check, gift or prizes etc.


Most of the get paid to websites have referral system. GPT members can earn more money by referring other peoples to sign up under their name and join GPT websites. Most of the times GPT members can only receive money when their referral make money for example a PTC sites pay 1 cent per ads to their members for viewing for a certain amount of time usually 30 seconds and if a member has 2 referrals and each of them view 5 ads, each referral member will earn 5 cent and referrer will earn 10 cent.

get paid to clickGet Paid To Click

Get paid to click (PTC) is by far the easiest ways to make money on the internet. All you have to do is click on the ads given to you and wait for a while usually around 20 - 30 second and you earn money. However due to it popularity there are many scam websites being born lately. These scam sites don’t pay you a single cent so you will have to becareful and choose PTC sites that you want to join carefully.

get paid to uploadGet Paid To Upload

This one of the ways to make money online. Everything is free, you don’t need to have a website or your own files hosting because they already provided for you. All you have to do is sign up at their website, upload your files to their server and promote the given links to your friends and other peoples to download your files and you earn money. It is that easy so don’t miss this one if you are looking for opportunity to make money online without spending a single cent.

get paid to answer questionsGet Paid To Answer Questions

Do you know that you can get paid to answer questions in the field the you are expert at. You earn money by giving your advice or solve your customer problems. Thank to the internet now you can work at home. I have already listed all the best websites and if you are an expert in some filed and looking for another opportunties to make money online then you shouldn’t miss this one.

get paid to postGet Paid To Post

Now a days many webmasters are quiet busy and limit to time constraint so there are many webmasters who are willing to paid you to post on forums and promote their websites ...

get paid to take surveysGet Paid To Take Surveys

This is the best job for stay at home moms who have alot of free time after taking care of their husband and childrens. It required you to fill up form and giving out your opinion about the products which usually take around 30 minute per survey.

get paid to travelGet Paid To Travel

Did you know that you can travel the world while you are having fun and earn money. This is a dream job for one who love freedom and journey.

get paid to play gamesGet Paid To Play Games

If you love playing games here is your opportunities to make money but however there are some requirements that you need to have before you can start generating money in this field.

get paid to driveGet Paid To Drive

Unbelievable but true that you can make money by just driving a car around the city. So how does it work?

get paid to readGet Paid To Read

Get paid to read (PTR) is a website that send advertiser ads to your email. Member get paid usually 1 cent for reading these ads. Some email are timed email and required members to view advertiser ads for certain amount of time ranging from 20 - 30 seconds but most of them are untimed and only required the members to click and view advertiser page.

get paid to searchGet Paid To Search

You can win many prizes such as Apple iPod, gift cards, video games console and money by using their search engine. Read reviews on get paid to search websites here...

get paid to writeGet Paid To Write

In the last few years when internet was widely used by many peoples, the demand of writing articles online grow very quickly and get paid to write articles online job became very popular.

There are writers who actually write on the things that they know best for a living and get paid for their works. If you are interested in this job and don't know where to start then reading this page will help you to your success.

get paid to surfGet Paid To Surf

Get paid to surf has became a very popular business model along with the internet bloom. The GPS companies paid their members to view ads by delivering banner ads from their advertiser to members browser by installing a small program called viewbar.

get paid to reviewGet Paid To Review

Nowaday there are many products available out there and awaiting for you to review them. If you are a person who love to review products then this is the job for you !

get paid to stuff envelopesGet Paid To Stuff Envelopes

Get paid to stuff envelopes program, is it a scam or legitimate business? How much money you can make from this business? do you have to pay any up-front payment in order to join? Find out all the answers to these questions here in this article.