Get Paid To Take Surveys

Get paid to take surveys jobs are a common way to make money online for stay at home mom, students and peoples working at home. Paid surveys have become very popular in the last few years because your opportunities to make money online is only limited by the number of sites you participated and time. However due to it popularity there are also many scam sites being born lately so you have to becareful not to join these sites because you won't get anything from them not even a single cent.

Before participating in one of the get paid to take survey program, there are a few things that you must know.

Why do companies paid you to take surveys?

Now aday marketing is fierce and competitive. It is very important to stay ahead in the competition so these companies want to know the trend and comments from their customers about their products to do future marketing research


How can I get paid to take surveys?

There are thousand of websites that offers to paid you for your surveys and free of registration. However more than half of these websites are scam so before you decided to join one of these websites you should look through the forums, search for informations on the internet and choose the one that really paid you. There are some paid surveys sites that required one-time membership fee, these sites is usually backup by large companies and hugh database lists. If you decided to join membership sites then you should choose the one that is highly recommended, have 2-3 months money-back guarantee and backup by strong financial companies such as PayPal or ClickBank because these strong financial companies don't backup scam sites so you can besure that it's safe.

How many surveys are available each week?

There is no guarantee on how many surveys you will be receiving each week. It's totally unpredictable due to the nature of the business for example you may have one surveys this week and four surveys next week. It's also depended on the criterion of each companies. Some company are interested only in some specific target group so there are some factor that they considered such as your age, gender, location where you live etc. So your profile have direct effect on how many surveys you will receive each week.

If you are able to complete all the surveys job that are sent to you then it's an advantage to join as many paid surveys sites as you can because there is no sites that can guarantee the amount of surveys and money that you will receive each week

How much will I get paid for each survey?

It depends on the type of survey you take, length, intensity and company. Normally you will receive surveys ranging from $5 - $100. If you get orders from large company like Nike, Ebay, Amazon and Walmart then will you have a high chance of getting expensive surveys. Most of the peoples make at least $100 - $200 each month.

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