Get Paid To Stuff Envelopes

Paid to stuff envelopes have been promoted on the internet and sending letters to peoples home for quiet sometimes. You might have heard these words and testimonials like "I make over $1,000 a WEEK by only Stuffing Envelopes!" or "Make easy money

by stuffing envelopes" before. These word have the power to convince and attract peoples to join their programs. Have you ever wonder why someone would paid you so much money for this kind of job. Is it a scam or legitimate home business?. We will discover the truth in this article so read on.

Now aday Stuffing envelopes by hand is the thing of the past. Many company used machines instead of humans to do all the work ranging from folding envelopes, inserting papers and seals. Everythings is done by automatic high speed process at the rate of 6000 mails per hour and above. However these machines are very expensive so there are still some company that want to minimized their cost by hiring full time employee to do the work by hand.

When joining paid to stuff envelopes program they will ask you to pay for starter kit without telling you any reasons why. All they say is that the starter kit contains everything need to do the job even worst some program ask you to prove yourself that you are really serious in this business by sending them payment upfront which is totally a scam because any legitimate business will give you full informations about their business.

In case you would like to know how their scam system work. Firstly, they get someone to join paid to stuff envelopes program and ask them to pay minimum of $20 upfront. After paying them the startup payment members will receive their first job a box full of envelopes and letters with the word "I make over $1,000 a WEEK by only Stuffing Envelopes!" on it. Have you heard these words somewhere before? yeah you get that right and here is the most interesting part of all that you will never know until you have already pay and sign up with their program. You won't be getting money not even a single cent if someone who read your envelope and don't sign up with the paid to stuff envelopes program. The circle goes on and on, you used your money to advertise their scam program and if you wanted to refund your money you'll have to fill a certain number of order first which is usually from 50 to 200 orders. You'll have to put alot of effort to reach that much order which is totally a waste of time because the response rate is low and you'll have to spend thousand of dollar before you can get your refund.

You should never ever think about joining paid to stuff envelopes program because it's a waste of time and money. You won't be getting anything back in return. If you want to make money online without having to spending any money upfront then you should tried paid to click or paid to upload programs