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Get Paid With Social Networking
on the site...earn money for inviting your friends, voting on polls, responding to blogs, uploading videos...this is the biggest thing to hit, at SideTick pays to participate. Sidetick use Tickbucks. They're sort of like Airmiles - the more you participate, the more you get, Best of all, you redeem them for cash! Sidetick - Social Network that Pays Members

<h1>Get Paid for Social Networking!</h1>

Just imagine - Social Network that PAYS YOU for your time spent on what you actually already do in social networks! Isn't that awesome!!!?? IT REALLY IS! Again, how much money you earn will depend on the amount of time and level of your participation spent on Sidetick. You will also earn a commission on the earnings made by all friends referred by you and that is really awesome news!

Sidetick is a good mix of everything you've already got on your favorite Facebook or Myspace with one great addition on top - your social network pays you for chats, making new friends, sharing photos and videos. The business model is pretty simple - Sidetick makes more registered users, registered users enjoy a full range of services with extra income opportunity on top. Both sides enjoy each other!

If you are looking for something news and if you want to get paid for it - no need to search any longer! Our answer is Sidetick! The only social network that really pays for your time! Get Paid for Social Networking at Sidetick!
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